Vutog Releases TroSQL Free 1.10 – A Visual MySQL Manager and Admin Tool



We are so happy to announce the release of TroSQL Free 1.10. This release includes major features like Docking Windows Capabilities, all rest MySQL Object supports and many more features. And these features are absolutely free as it is released under TroSQL Free. So, friends, Hurry up and download it now.


New Features:

1. Windows 7 Support

2. Execution of multiple queries from one query editor

3. Result Set edit and update for Queries

4. Docking Windows Flexibility

7. Refresh made very fast

8. All other MySQL Objects support

(a) Views

(b) Functions

(c) Procedures

(d) Triggers

(e) Events

9. Foreign Key Manager

10. Index Manager

11. Flush Manager

12. Table Creation: Advanced properties support

13. Table Alteration: Advanced properties support


Bug Fixes:

1. Date is not getting set if you select from dropdown calendar box.

2. In blob image - scroll is not getting set for window

3. Multiple rows selection in table


View all features in detail – click here.


Docking capability screenshot –

Please download it now – TroSQL Free 1.10.

As you know, this is your product, so until you don’t give feedback or comments we won’t be able to improve it. We would love to hear you.

Best Regards,
Vutog Team

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